The Best YouTube Channels for At-Home Workouts

The Best YouTube Channels for At-Home Workouts


The GymRa YouTube is really like your very own online personal trainer. With tons of 30- and 60-minute-long routines to choose from, you can literally work up a sweat with GymRa instructors for hours on end, all in the comfort of your own home. Even cooler, if you head over to the official GymRa website, a few clicks around their workout generator will create your own customized routine on the spot.

Amanda Russell

“The best part about making YouTube videos is the ability to reach people from all over the world,” says Amanda Russell, a former competitive runner, fitness consultant, and the creator of the Fit Strong and Sexy workout regimen. “These videos are about more than exercise, it’s my goal to show people first hand that it does not take money, it does not even take a lot of time to get and stay fit.” With more than 3.5 million views worldwide and well over 50,000 subscribers, it’s probably safe to say that she’s conquered that objective. She shows no signs of stopping there, though. She believes that fitness is a gift and she wants to transform your world. “Providing free and seriously results-driven workouts is part of my mission to take the excuses out of getting fit,” she says.

Davey Wavey Fitness

Davey Wavey believes that “honoring your body is an extension of honoring your life,” so if you’re ready to get super-ripped by giving your body a little bit more R-E-S-P-E-C-T, then Davey wants to workout with you. He’s a AFPA certified personal trainer with a weight-loss success story of his own and he invites everyone- no matter what their current fitness level- to join his online community.


Rebekah Boruki (AKA BexLife) will help you lose weight and get in shape with sessions like her “Skinny Mom Crazy Core” and “5- Minute Holiday Fat Meltdown” workouts, but she’s also taken on the challenge of inspiring a much larger wellness movement. After you finish an at-home sweat session with her, she’ll not only share with you her own top tips for living your healthiest life, but the best health and fitness advice from some of the top trainers and wellness experts in the biz today.

Steady Health

Do you want strong sculpted arms? Are you on a mission to blast belly fat? Would you love to shape up and show off your six-pack abs? No matter what your goal is, Steady Health has you covered. Their video library is seemingly endless and almost every one of their workouts requires nothing but you and your exercise mat. From high intensity interval workouts (which are all the rage right now, by the way) to lower ab and “Brazilian butt-lift” routines, a sweat session scheduled with their channel is sure to get you a great at-home workout every time.

Tara Stiles Yoga

Tara Stiles is responsible for sparking somewhat of a yoga revolution; a revolution to make yoga accessible to everyone. When you step into a class at her NYC-based studio, there are no chants or super-spiritual mantras; it’s just you, your mat, and an instructor on a mission to make your body feel more free. The same can be said for her YouTube videos, and just like all the rest of these top-notch channels, hers caters to every kind of exerciser. She’s uploaded videos featuring everything from Yoga for Athletes to Prenatal Yoga for Stability and Balance. And if you make it through her page but find yourself craving more yoga by Tara, you can find more of her workouts  on the Live Strong Women page, too.

Tone It Up

OK, so Tone It Up is actually way more than just a YouTube channel with workouts that will kick your butt into beach-babe shape. Creators Karena and Katrina have actually cultivated an entire community of women who inspire and support one another to live “fit, happy, and healthy” lives. Much of that inspiration though, comes from their workout videos like “Best Moves to Burn Fat and Tone Up,” the “Toned and Lean Beach Day Routine,” and the “Bikini Series Cowabunga Total Body Workout.” Most of their workouts may be filmed on the beach, but thanks to YouTube, you can workout with them wherever you are.


Maybe bright, sunny beach-babe workouts aren’t really your thing. If such is the case, then a channel like Athlean-X might be more your style. Channel host Jeff Cavaliere, former Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets, will train you to achieve a pro-athlete-like body through unique routines featuring bodyweight dorm-room workouts, ab exercises “you’ve never even seen,” and the best moves to target specific muscles, like your rear delts. And when you’re done working out like an elite athlete, you can check out his expert tips covering topics like how to prevent ACL tears and how to get abs by simply standing around. (“Seriously!” claims his video title.)

X HITT Daily

A few workouts with X HITT Daily will get you legs like Jennifer Lawrence’s, abs like Jennifer Aniston’s, and a bangin’ Beyonce booty. OK, not really, but the channel is chockfull of workouts that mimic the exercise routines of some of your favorite fabulously-fit celebrities. Their most recent upload, dubbed the “Full Body Twerkout” (any Miley fans in the house?) provides a total-body cardio workout with trainer Cynthia Dallas and promises to help you burn a ton of calories in just a few short minutes.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is all about free workouts for everyone. This channel is packed with full-length workouts for every type of exerciser from moms with babies to pregnant ladies and novice trainees to experienced athletes. “We set the goal of providing sound fitness information and full-length workout videos for every fitness level, completely free of charge. This way, everyone has access to what they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy," said Daniel and Kelli, the husband and wife team behind the ever-popular fitness channel.

Lionsgate BeFit

Ever wonder what it’s like to workout with top trainers like Jillian Michaels or Jane Fonda? The BeFit YouTube channel connects you with the best fitness pros like Jillian and Jane for free. With over 1,500 videos hosted by the industry's best fitness instructors, working out with the BeFit channel almost makes you feel like some sort of celebrity client. Choose from routines like “Fat Burning Cardio Aerobics” with Denise Austsin or a 40-minute total-body strength workout.  No matter what kind of workout you’re in search of, chances are you’ll find it on BeFit.


Not only will you find fun workouts like “Bikini Blaster HIIT It Hard,” the “Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge,” and her signature “Pop Pilates” routines on Cassey Ho’s Blogilates YouTube channel, but also endless reels of health and fitness advice. When you’re finished with one of her killer workouts, you can stay tuned to learn her top weight loss tips, try new recipes by following her “cheap clean eats” series, or relax and watch while she shares her favorite fitness gadgets and gear.  Whether you’re a fitness first-timer or an exercise addict, Cassey is your go-to girl on YouTube. “Mixing fitness with entertainment has been a real pleasure for me and I am so happy that my fans appreciate the work put into making exercising more than just counting reps,” she says.