#10 Bootcamp from The Best Ways to Workout in 2014

The Best Ways to Workout in 2014

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#10 Bootcamp

If you’re picturing a drill sergeant yelling his or her head off at a group of wimpy-looking plebes, well then you’re idea of a boot camp style fitness class isn’t too far off. For the average exerciser, it should be a little less harsh, though.  So yes, boot camp workouts are mimicked after military-style training. That means they’re tough, intense, and structured. This kind of workout will typically consist of cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility training all in one session, so just like HIIT and circuit training, it’s an effective all-encompassing workout style, only it might require a little bit more of your time.

Best For: Athletes, Experienced gym-goers, People with weight-loss goals 


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