Best Triathlon Wetsuits 2014

Best Triathlon Wetsuits 2014

2XU V:3 Velocity Wetsuit

Thanks to 2XU’s Intermediate Zone Stretch Panels, this suit offers supreme flexibility. What’s more, enhanced hydrodynamics lends itself to increased speed and forward motion. With a Nano SCS Coating that offers 4 percent added buoyancy and a strategically placed Rollbar, the V:3 aids in improved performance through better body positioning and core buoyancy.

Orca RS1 Predator

Orca’s RS1 Predator provides full-body coverage that emphasizes range of motion, flexibility, and buoyancy in a lightweight package. With Exo-Cell 2 material built into key areas, this suit supports core buoyancy. A bamboo infinity skin lining makes for increased flexibility and comfort and Pressure Function Neoprene sewn into the calves, shoulders and arms add compression properties to the suit.

Zoot Z Force 3.0

An ideal entry-level choice, the Z Force 3.0 touts enhanced comfort through GLIDEflex grooved panels, which stretch to allow you to move and breathe adequately. A low-profile neck panel contributes to overall wearability, along with its high performance Yamamoto #39 neoprene that aids with buoyancy in open water.

2XU A:1 Sleeveless

If you’re looking for a less expensive suit, 2XU’s A:1 is a great buy. Featuring a Rollbar for the best in-water body positioning and a front buoyancy panel made with Yamamoto #39 neoprene, this suit performs well above it’s price point and offers a great option for someone seeking an entry-level sleeveless option.

blueseventy Helix Full Suit

blueseventy’s top wetsuit, the Helix is constructed with neoprene and a flexible jersey liner. With super thin 1mm arms, this suit offers the utmost in upper body flexibility. Thanks to a 100 percent SCS coating, and Aerodome in the chest and torso durability, speed, and buoyancy are increased for a wide variety of open water swimming conditions.

XTERRA Vendetta Sleeveless

Along with a lower-profile collar, this sleeveless option will keep you unencumbered during the swim. Made up of a 5.0 mm X-AIR “dimple” material, it actually holds pockets of air to assist in keeping you on the surface of the water. With flexible, full legs, drag is reduced and speed enhanced for swimmers of all ability levels.

TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature

The most expensive suit you’ll find on the market, the Freak of Nature is constructed with Yamamoto #40 neoprene, the most flexible and buoyant rubber available. Thanks to specially designed Elevation Panels throughout and Speed Wrap Paneling, drag is reduced and optimal body position supported. Designed with the triathlete in mind, quick release ankle cuffs make this one of the quickest suits to get out of in T1.