The Best Sunglasses of 2015

Lifestyle looks, top performance pieces and everything in between—these are the top picks of the year

Many people think of sunglasses as an accessory, a piece of fashion that enhances a look—and they’re right, sort of.[slideshow:1303]

Sunglasses are used as fashion accessories every day, but they are too often overlooked as an essential piece of gear. Any outdoor adventurer—from cyclists to skiers—can tell you that without protective eyewear their day can be pretty tough, if not downright dangerous.

Not only do sunglasses block UV rays and glare, but they keep everything else out too. Whether you’re running trails, fishing, rock climbing or doing just about any other outdoor activity, having the right protection for your eyes is crucial.

Through research and testing, we’ve narrowed down the top picks of 2015 to just 10 pairs of sunglasses. From lifestyle looks to top performance pieces and everything in between, we compared frame material, ventilation, sweat-proofing, overall durability and, of course, the lenses, to find the very best sunglasses out there. Here are the top picks of 2015.

Run X2 by Nike

Runners looking for a durable, lightweight pair of sunglasses will find their perfect fit in the Run X2. This interchangeable lens frame offers an adjustable fit at the nose and temples, along with grip in both spots. The lens is coated to repel everything from water to sand, without a scratch and when it comes to your run who knows what you’ll encounter. For a dream-like fit and stellar performance, the Run X2 is made for the serious runner. Those looking for a slightly smaller option should check out the Run X2 S.; from $156

Milano by Woodzee

A perfect nod to Italy—the Milano is a classic lifestyle frame outfitted with spring loaded hinges and polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protection. All Woodzee sunglasses are made exclusively from recycled, natural, and biodegradable materials, which means the shades are easy on the planet and your wallet. The Milano frames are crafted from either pear wood (top) or bamboo with black wax coating (bottom) and though they may not be rugged enough for your most extreme adventures, these classic frames will become an everyday staple.; $85 or $105

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