Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet 2014

This year's top sneaker picks for runners with wide feet

While the shoe wall at your local running shop can be overwhelming, there’s a good reason there are so many choices. Runners’ feet come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one won’t for another. From differences in shoe volume, width and overall shape, as well as cushioning and stability, it’s worth combing through the options to identify the best model for your particular needs.

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Runners with wide feet will find that the majority of options displayed in the store will feel too constricting. To accommodate wider feet, you can either choose a shoe that is available in a wide width or select a model that naturally runs wider.

Only specific models come in widths and most running shops carry a limited supply of these options. When you’re at the store, ask to try on several models in wide in order to compare and contrast. For men, a wide width is an “2E” or “4E” and for women a “D.”

As most footwear goes, you’ll likely find that some of the regular width models fit similarly to supposed wide options in other brands. This is why it is important not to rule out the traditional sizing just because your feet are wider.

When it comes down to it, what really matters is exactly where you need the width. Some runners simply have a wider toe box, but their heels are fairly narrow. Others need a shoe that accommodates a wider width for the entire length of the foot.

To help narrow down your options, we checked out the latest wide-foot-friendly options on the market today. In considering customer reviews, our own wear testing and expert picks, these models rose to the top as some of this year's best options for wider-footed runners. We always recommend visiting your local brick and mortar running shop to try on a variety of options and ensure that you end up with the most comfortable and functional choice.

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