Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet 2013

6 sock-like sneakers that’ll wrap even the narrowest feet, keeping everything where it belongs on the run

When you’re a runner with narrow feet, finding the right shoe can be nearly as challenging as training itself. Your heels constantly shift, blisters develop from all the movement, and you have to use a quadruple knot just to use up all that excess lace. It’s downright uncomfortable, but more importantly, can lead to injury.

If you have particularly narrow feet, it’s worth looking into special sizing. The standard women’s width is “B” and the narrow width is “2A.” For men, the standard width is “D,” narrow is “B.” Unfortunately, only select models are made in those narrow widths, and there’s a good chance you’ll have to special order them because many running stores only carry limited stock of these models.

If you have only moderately narrow feet, you’ll likely be able to find a standard width shoe that works for you. You’re going to have to be picky, though, so be sure to visit a brick-and-mortar store to try on multiple pairs. During the try-on process, pay attention to how your heels feel. If you’re sliding out of the shoe with each step, they are too wide. Also, stay away from shoes that require you to yank the laces on both sides of the shoe together until they meet in the middle. This demonstrates that the upper is probably too wide for your foot, as well as the shoe’s platform.

Check out the slideshow, which has some ideas for 2013 running shoe models that tend to run narrow, even in the standard width. Be sure to choose something that has a sock-like fit, making the shoe feel like a part of your foot. Remember that you should have a quarter- to half-inch of room at the end of the shoe, so don’t size down to get the rest of the shoe to fit, thereby cramming your toes in at the end. If you can’t find anything that fits just right in a standard width, try ordering a model you like in the narrow width. With a little trial and error, you’ll eventually run away with the right shoe for you.

Click here to see the best narrow running shoes of 2013.

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