Best Outdoor Jobs

Avoid the 9-5 slog with these active options
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For many of us, a desk job sounds like as much fun as a root canal.

While some people love office culture, others prefer a day full of physical activity or a schedule and location that allows for the occasional climbing or paddling break on a sunny afternoon.

Slideshow: Outdoor Jobs

If you know the 9-5 culture won’t work for you, don’t suffer through it. Instead, check out our list of the best outdoor jobs. These positions will help you stay true to your ideals, and keep you in your Keens and Carhartts.

While some jobs are seasonal, or just a way to get your feet wet in the working world, others can be lucrative careers. Whether you want to spend your days climbing mountains, teaching others about the outdoors, wandering the forest or taking care of wildlife, there’s a way to do it…and here's how.


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