Best Outdoor Chairs

Best Outdoor Chairs

Most Iconic: L.L.Bean Adirondack Camp Chair

I’m not going to lie, I may have just ordered this chair for myself. It doesn’t get much better than having  the convenience of a folding chair in one of the most iconic chair styles of the outdoors. That slightly-slanted high back with wide armrests screams style and comfort. And two cup holders, yes please! I can’t wait to sit back and do some serious star gazing in this beauty.
Buy it on L.L.Bean for $69.99.

Comfort Anywhere Chair: L.L.Bean Trail Chair

Whether you are sitting in the stadium of a hockey game, or out on the trails, this chair is great on-the-go. It folds up flat and has handles for easy carrying. For how compact it looks, it’s surprisingly comfy. The straps on the sides can be adjusted for your preferred recline angle and there’s also a handy pocket on the back where you can store a book.
Buy it at L.L.Bean for $24.95 .

Most Relaxing: L.L.Bean Low Rider Rocker

Rock out with this classic. The relaxing motion of rocking back and forth is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. The mesh backing on this chair also keeps you relaxed by allowing breeze in and keeping your back cool. Let all your worries float away as you close your eyes and sit comfortably.
Buy it at L.L.Bean for $49.95.

Most Protective: Bravo Sports Quik Shade Chair

This is one of the most popular chairs for the dedicated soccer parents. And they know what’s  up, because this chair is great. Its tent is the perfect size to protect you completely from the sun, while still being small enough to easily fold up with the chair. You can get the best views of everything while preventing sunburn. Win, win.
Buy it on Amazon for $29.97.

The Everyday Chair: Coleman Cooler Over Sized Quad Chair

Yes, you read that correctly, this chair has a cooler. The cooler, built into one of the arms can hold two to four cans and an ice pack. And that’s not only what makes this the best everyday chair, its also over-sized and padded for ultimate comfort. With close to five stars and over 228 customer reviews on Amazon, this chair is a definite must-have.
Buy it on Amazon for $30.30.

Best Backpacking Chair: Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

This folding chair is quite unique. It completely disassembles and fits in a handy small pouch that is great for packing away in your backpack. The set up is quick and easy, and the material of the chair is a comfortable and breathable mesh. You've got to love that deep seat, it’s great for people like myself who are always sitting in weird, crossed leg positions.
Buy it on Amazon for $84.96.

Best Back Support: Strongback Elite Folding Camp Chair

Stongback wants to keep your back strong. They've created a new kind of outdoor chair that prevents you from slouching. The patented lumbar supportive design aligns your body posture. It relieves your spine and relaxes muscles and neck tension. The seat itself is nice and wide, providing you some extra wiggle room as well.
Buy it on Amazon for $79.95.

Most Excessive: REI Woods Eclipse Chair

Most excessively comfortable! Alright, yes, this is a bit much to be carrying to BBQs and bonfires, but I’d like to cozy up and take a nap in this big chair. And check out that print. Is that camouflage? Well that settles it, if I take this chair into the middle of the woods than I can easily take a nap without anything noticing.
Buy it at REI for $53.73.

Best Reading Chair: Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair

I can tell you first hand that this chair is wonderful. It's my favorite chair to lounge in with a coffee nearby and a book in hand. The best part of this chair is that you determine your favorite reading position. Lock down the arms when you've found your desired recline and it'll stay solid for hours of reading pleasure. 
Buy it on Amazon for $62.44.

Best Campfire Chair: ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair

Sick of uncomfortably leaning forward while you try to toast a marshmellow over the campfire. Well ALPS has your solution. This chair is low to the ground so that you are at the ideal position to enjoy your campfire fully. And the chair doesn't lose any comfort by being so short. Its breathable mesh, and sturdy frame are great for hanging out any time of day. 
Buy it on Amazon for $42.59.