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Canoeing—Voyageurs National Park

Where: Minnesota

Why: This series of interconnected waterways that flow north into the arctic watershed of Hudson’s Bay together make up a majestic collage of land and water. Today’s canoeists follow in the paddlestrokes of the voyageurs, French trappers who once thrived on the region’s fur trade. Ambitious stargazers can float out into any of the park’s lakes at night for 180º views of the Milky Way and, on occasion, the ghostly dancing of the Northern Lights. More Info

Runner-up: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Take your pick of the Colorado and Green rivers when you paddle through the serenity of southern Utah’s canyon country. Just be sure not to paddle into Cataract Canyon, or you’ll find yourself in over your head (literally) in churning, Class V rapids. More Info


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