The Best Lunch Break Fitness Classes

Fitness fanatics share their favorite midday workout classes

It’s easy to scoff at the idea of working out on your lunch break.

Maybe you’re thinking something like, “There’s no way I would have enough time for that.” or “I don’t want to get all sweaty in the middle of the day.”

These are legitimate concerns, but luckily they can be addressed pretty easily.

You might think that there’s not enough time in the day as it is, but taking a break to let your mind refresh and your body unwind is never a waste of time.

Not only can squeezing some extra exercise into the middle of your day benefit your physical fitness, but stepping out of the office for a workout can help you to de-stress and ultimately be more productive at work.

We polled our readers on social media to find out what fitness classes—studio specific workouts—are best for during your lunch break. Answers included group exercise classes that are both low key (meaning you won’t work up too much of a sweat, so transition time can be kept to a minimum) and workouts that are a bit more intense (for those who have a little bit of extra time to spare and a studio with shower amenities.)

-The Best Lunch Break Fitness Classes-

1. Barre: These ballet-inspired workouts fuse elements of dance with traditional strength training exercises. Instagram user Sarah Beth Henshaw said that Barre makes for a great lunch break fitness class because you get a full-body strength workout without working up a big sweat.

2. Spinning: For nine-to-fivers who don’t mind working up a bit of a sweat, Instagram user Tabi says that working your heart rate up with a mid-day spin class is an excellent way to spend your lunch break. Just make sure that you’ll be able to shower off, or at least freshen-up, before you head back to work.

3. Core Classes: Check your gym’s class schedule for classes that are designated for ab training. These types of classes are normally only 15 to 30 minutes long, so you can easily fit a midday workout into your schedule without having to take an extra-long lunch.

4. Aqua Classes: Aqua aerobics and aqua cycling are both growing in popularity, and working out in the pool means you can avoid getting sweaty. If you want to save time, just make sure you’ll be able to keep your hair above the water so it won’t get wet. And since chlorine will dry out your skin (and leave a lasting stench) make sure to pack some lotion to later up with afterward.  

5. Yoga: “I don’t have time to shower before heading back to work, but it gets me moving and limber without coming back to work drenched in sweat,” said Amber Finlay on Instagram.

6. Pilates: Similar to Barre and yoga, Pilates is a low-intensity total-body workout that will both stretch and strengthen your muscles so you can return to work feeling energized, relaxed, and refreshed.

7. TRX: TRX suspension training involves simple bodyweight exercises using straps that are attached to an a-frame structure or sometimes even the ceiling. Depending on the instructor some TRX classes will be more intense than others (meaning  you might get sweaty), but when a class focuses mostly on strength moves, like bicep curls, chest presses, squats, and rows, you can get a great total-body strength workout without having to get too sweaty.

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