The Best Halloween-Themed Races and Fun Runs

The Best Halloween-Themed Races and Fun Runs

Devils Chase— Salem, MA

6.66 devilish miles make up this diabolical dash through Salem, Massachusetts. Those who are doubtlessly demonic can cast a bid for the chance to race with bib number 666 pinned proudly to their shirt. This year it sold for $227.50, which is no surprise considering it also comes with a totally tempting goody basket that, among other things, includes several gift certificates to local restaurants, a custom race glass, a complimentary race entry to any B&S sponsored event, 4 passes to the Boston Museum of Science, a 1 hour massage voucher, and a cross-fit gym trial membership.

Haunted Hill— Cumberland, RI

Put both your physical and mental strength to the test as you make your way through this 5K “Mud Blood Run” obstacle course. Not only will you be challenged to tackle all the usual mud-run-type obstacles, but you’ll also have to face killer scarecrows, Michael Myers, and a handful of other Haunted Hill psychos. Not everything about the race is evil, though. All entry proceeds go to the Town of Cumberland's Park and Recreation Youth Programs. Plus, top competitors are awarded prizes and there’s also a costume contest with awards for the best individual and group get ups.

Las Vegas Zombie Run— Las Vegas, NV

Run for your life and run for a cause. All proceeds for this zombie-chase style race are donated to local charity Generation Vegas. Choose between a 5K or 1-mile trail course at Sunset Park and attempt to make it through without "becoming infected." Runners are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween best, but those who'd rather join the undead can sign up to play as zombies, too.

The Monster Dash— Chicago, IL, Fort Worth, TX, & St. Paul, MN

The Monster Dash hosts Halloween half-marathon, 10K, and “fun run” (non-scored) 5K races in Chicago, St. Paul, and Fort Worth all through the Fall. Runners are invited to dress up during the race and can enter their costumes to be judged in the post-race costume contest. Judges rate costumes based on originality, execution, and its ability to be worn while running. A few of last year’s winners included Alan from “The Hangover,” a group of grandma marathon runners, and the Minions from “Despicable Me."

Panic in the Dark— Lowell, MA

Self-proclaimed as the “original nightmare obstacle run,” Panic in the Dark is a festive 5K fright fest. Runners wear headlamps as they set out into the dark of night and race along a haunted course filled with zombies and monsters. The event creators promise to turn your worst nightmares and favorite horror movies scenes into race-day reality, so only sign up if you're really ready to face your biggest fears.

Run for Your Lives— Events Across the U.S.

Speed, strength, endurance, and most importantly, survival skills are all put to the test during the 5K “Run for Your Lives” obstacle race. Participants should be prepared to make their way through pits of blood, smoke-filled abandoned houses, and mind-boggling mazes, all the while with zombies after a bite of their brains. Whether you end up an undead or make it through un-infected, after the race you’ll party like it’s the end of the world. Except, not really, because there will be a DJ, beer, and plenty of food.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween 10K— Sleepy Hollow, NY

Could there be a more festive way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than a scenic 10K run through The Headless Horseman’s hometown? Parts of the race course run along the Hudson River with views of holiday appropriate sites like Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the Headless Horseman Bridge, and the Old Dutch Church. Non- runners and kids can sign-up for a 1-mile fun run that includes face painting, Halloween crafts, an obstacle course, and more.

The Haunted Half & 5K— Salt Lake City, UT

From apple bobbing to doughnut eating Haunted Half participants can expect to break for much more than just water and Gatorade along this 13.1-mile course through Salt Lake City. While the race doesn’t involve any brain-hungry zombies or menacing monsters, runners must make their way through Memory Grove— two miles of private road lined with “family friendly” frights like “Ghosts Gone Crazy,” “The Glowing Tunnel, “The Webby Reign of Giant Spiders,” and “The Unearthed Cemetery.”

The Zombie Run— Events across the U.S.

The premise of The Zombie Run is simple: Make it through 5 one-kilometer zombie-infested zones, and after, party like it’s the apocalypse. Each zone bustling with more zombies than the last, participants can choose to take a crack at getting through the entire 5K without having their “Life Balloon” popped. But finishing without “becoming infected” is not a requirement and there’s no reward for “surviving” with your balloon intact either because everyone is welcome to the end of the world after party.

Wicked Halloween Run— Plymouth, MI

More about fun than frights, this festive frolic is all about having a “wicked good time.” Runners can choose from a 10K, 5K, or 1-mile course, are encouraged to dress up in costume, and have the opportunity to compete for prizes in a pre-race costume contest. 10K finishers receive a medal and all racers are invited to a heated tent for the post-race Food & Beverage Buffet Party.

Zombies Take Manhattan— New York, NY

Join ranks with the last of the living to try and save humanity in one final stand against the undead. During this capture the flag like fun run, you’ll make your way through a 3.5-mile course on Randall Island with three red flags attached to your waist. The goal is to collect tokens along the way as you attempt to avoid having your brains (AKA the red flags) eaten. If you make it to the end with at least one flag left, you’re considered a survivor. The fastest male and female “survivors” are awarded with prizes. And if you’re not into saving the world, you can sign up to play as a zombie instead. The zombies who “eat the most brains” get prizes too!

The Great Pumpkin Haul— Littleton, CO

If your idea of Halloween fun includes hauling the heaviest pumpkin you can find for two miles (or more), then sign yourself up for The Great Pumpkin Haul. Lug your big orange orb through fields and forests and over creeks and hay bales to prove your fitness in the most festive fashion. Make sure you hold on tight the whole way because only those who finish without dropping their pumpkin are considered winners.