The 19 Best Flip-Flops For Summer

These functional, supportive styles are perfect for long days outside
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As temperatures soar, it's time for rafting, kayaking, hiking, surfing and all the other glorious, sun-basking sports of the summer season. As you check off your list of things to bring (trail mix? Got it.  Sunscreen? Definitely.) make sure you also have some  sturdy and supportive foot protection that will help you make the most of your adventure. 

While flip-flops are an essential part of the summer experience—who doesn't want to feel the breeze, water and sand on their toes?—many of the flimsy, rubber styles aren’t fit for a day on your feet. 

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Cheap flip-flops can also put undue pressure on the toes, which have to grasp at the sole to keep it on the foot. This unnatural action can cause pain in the feet, change your walking stride and lead to falls that result in twisted ankles or broken bones.

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By choosing better footwear, you can cut down on these risks, as well as alleviate current aches and pains. In our slideshow, we’ll introduce you to flip-flops designed for style and performance. They have thicker soles and built-in features to protect and support your foot whether you’re packing up camp or running around town. We’ve also included several models of sandals. These are an excellent alternative to flip flops, as they keep pressure off the toes, provide similar breathability and are a better option for more rigorous activities such as hiking and kayaking. For any outdoor-lover, a pair of these shoes is essential.

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