Best Fitness Startups

Best Fitness Startups

Fitness Blender

“We started Fitness Blender because we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.”

Husband and wife team Daniel and Kelli left their jobs in the fitness industry in 2012 to work on the website full time. They couldn’t find reliable information about fitness or quality workout videos on the web, so they put it together and released it to the public themselves. features more than 300 workout videos of every kind—for free, and they also have features that cost money.


If you’re having trouble making good on your promises to get in shape, Gympact might be the answer to your problem. This app allows users to essentially wager money that they’ll meet the goals they set out. If you miss your goal you have to pay up but when you meet your goals, you earn some money.

Charity Miles

If personal goals just aren’t enough motivation for you, Charity Miles should give you added incentive. This startup awards money to various charities—25 cents per mile on foot and 10 cents per mile on bike. It’s as easy as downloading the app, selecting an organization to receive the money and then exercising for a good cause.

Audio Noggin

What’s worse than slippery, sweaty, tangled headphones? Nothing according to the guys at Audio Noggin—they’re working on a substitute. Their solution is a Bluetooth “headphone” device that’s actually an out-of-ear speaker set.

Lumo Back

Meet the different fitness tracker, Lumo Back. This device does what most other fitness trackers do, but it also monitors your posture. It fits around your midsection and each time you slump over Lumo will vibrate, indicating your terrible posture and possibly saving you on bills from the chiropractor.

Exercise Cards by

Workout Labs is an amazing startup that allows you to design your own workouts using online illustrations. If you run out of ideas you can borrow one of their pre-made plans. And now they have made it even easier to put together a workout plan and shuffle it up with ease, their exercise cards are an awesome and inexpensive ($25) gym tool that’s both durable and waterproof.

The Athletes Club

If you have commitment issues when it comes to gym membership, a plan like The Athletes Club could come in handy if you use it frequently enough. This membership gives you access to exclusive classes and discounts at several gyms and stores. Similar plans are popping up as it’s a great way to circumvent the same old one-gym contract.


Does everyone at your gym seem unapproachable and cold? They probably aren’t and here’s how you can find out for sure: Activore. This site is a social network for active people, fitness pros and gym managers, effectively building your social network online and then aiming to do it in person, at your local gym, as well.

The November Project

If you’re wondering what The November Project is think about your accountability to your gym buddy, and then multiply that, by a lot. The movement started in Boston in an effort to keep fit through the cold winter and is now going strong in many major cities. Their secret to success: “a simple sense of accountability (verbal).”