Best Commuter Bikes of 2015

Top-of-the-line bikes to fit your needs, aspirations and budget

To see how the popularity of bike commuting has grown over the last few years, you only need to look at the retailers selling entire lines of commuter bikes—they didn’t always do that.[slideshow:1371]

Not long ago, what passed as a commuter bike was some fusion of road and mountain bike with a rack haphazardly affixed to the back. Now there are no shortage of commuter bikes, built specifically for getting to work or running errands with comfort, style and speed.

From specially designed frames to tough brakes that can handle the weather, the big details are apparent on commuter bikes, but so are the small ones. Built-in fenders, integrated lighting systems and racks that come standard are the definition of small features that actually mean a whole lot.

While many of the bikes made today come with some of those features, there are some commuter rides that simply stand out from the pack. If one of the following bikes matches your needs, budget and fits you well, you can be sure that it’s one of the best bikes out there.

Gunnar Fastlane

“If you want a cool and more ‘middle of the road’ commuter that can also do a decent job as your recreational bike, a bike like the Gunnar Fastlane makes a lot of sense,” said Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan. “Disc brakes for all weather conditions, a wide range of rack/fender options, a multitude of sizes (including custom) and top quality U.S. built workmanship at a good price make for a smooth riding and dependable commuter year after year.”; frame from $1,000

PureFix Coolidge

When it comes to a fixed-gear commuter that’s anything but basic the Coolidge is a great option. Part of the premium series, this bike is a sleek and light ride with a steel frame and wrapped drop bars. Ready for the road at a bargain, there’s no reason not to bike commute now.; $450

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