Best Bug Sprays

Best Bug Sprays

Off Deep Woods

This was always my parents go-to spray when we were out in the woods. As a sweet-blooded mosquito attractor, Off Deep Woods was, and still is my saving grace. It contains 23% Deet and is in an aerosol can that makes it easy to spray on evenly. It is unscented and doesn’t get greasy either. Great protection for camping, hiking and dense wooded areas.

Cutter Backwoods

With up to 10 hours of protection, this spray is a great repellent against mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, gnats, no-see-ums, fleas and biting flies. It has a sweat-resistant formula and is great for the whole family. Again with 23% DEET, it is great for protecting yourself in denser woods and buggy areas.

Repel 100

This spray has the highest percent of DEET on the list with a 98.1% DEET formula. It is ideal for extreme environments and using a little goes a long way. As one of the top selling repellents on Amazon, many customer reviews found this to be a great spray for areas with large amount of bugs such as fishing spots, safaris, or in the tropics.

Avon Skin So Soft Towelettes

Towelettes are a great way to apply repellent efficiently and evenly. Dr. Purvisha Patel, owner and dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer, also advised, “Wipes are less likely to pose a risk of toxicity than sprays.”

Citronella Bracelets

These bracelets are an easy, wearable repellent made from natural oils and citronella. Dr. Eric Schweiger, founding dermatologist of Schweiger Dermatology and Clear Clinic, recommends using a citronella bracelet, especially if your skin tends to be very sensitive to sprays with DEET.

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Pump

This spray is the #2 best selling repellent on Amazon, and for good reason. Lemon Eucalyptus is a natural plant-based oil that repels mosquitoes for up to 6 hours. It is recommended by both Dr. Patel and Dr. Schweiger as great protection for your skin. The spray has a fresh, cool scent and is safe to use on your gear.

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin

For a lighter protection, try Skin So Soft. Picaridin is another less-harsh alternative to using DEET. Dr. Susan Stuart, one of San Diego's leading experts in dermatology and lasers added, “Skin So Soft is another recommended bug spray for those who want to avoid chemicals in children but is not as effective unless the bug and mosquito population is low.”

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535

Another Avon product, this time with added IR3535 and SPF 30. Protect your skin from bugs and the sun with this all-in-one spray. If you have especially sensitive skin, DEET-free is the way to go. Dr. Eric Schweiger explains, “There are alternative bug repellant ingredients, such as picaridin, IR3535, citronella, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus that will repel insects and rarely cause any adverse reactions.”