The Best Bike Lights for Winter Riding

Stay safe and visible this winter with these bike lights

Winter is coming. And for those who cycle, whether it be for commuting purposes, recreationally or racing, having a good bike light could just save your life. With less light in the day time, it is important to have your own light for visibility while riding. For an early morning cycling workout, or a night time commute back home from work, these bike lights are perfect for any type of winter time riding. 

Knog Blinder Twinpack, $55.95

These small, hi-tech bike lights are perfect for a quick and simple fix to nighttime riding. They have an easy USB recharge and their straps are flexible for different types of handlebars, frames or backpacks. Overall, these lights offer powerful light in a small package to keep you seen without any added bulkiness.

Cygolite Metro 360/Hotshot 2W, $84

This combo package is one of the best deals you can get. A strong, quality headlight, the Cygolite Metro 360 shoots light at a powerful distance. It has rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours. The Hotshot 2W taillight has 5 flash modes that keep you visible in the darkest of nights. Both are easily attachable, bright, and great on the road.

NiteRider Lumina 700, $98.99

Great for the road and trails, this ultra bright light is the strongest you’ll find. With five different modes, the highest light shoots out 500 lumens. Rechargeable by USB, the LED lamp can also be converted to a headlamp for helmet use. It fits most handlebars securely and is very lightweight. It may be a bit pricey, but is well worth the money for dark night visibility and night time trail rides.

Planet Bike Blaze and Superflash Turbo, $52.95

For a well-focused beam of strong light, the Planet Bike Blaze is a great performance bike light. The 2 watt light has 3 modes and cut outs at the sides for wider visibility. It works with AA batteries and claims to have up to 64 hour run time on flash mode. This package also comes with the Superflash Turbo Tail Light that has a unique flashing pattern for ultimate visibility.

CatEye Econom, $57.50

CatEye Econom is a great road light that offers a powerful beam and side windows for peripheral visibility. It uses AA batteries and powers for up to 100 hours. It’s a strong and powerful light for the price and includes a low battery indicator so you don’t get caught in the dark before knowing you need new batteries or a recharge.

Knog Boomer, $26.74

If you do some serious rainy weather riding, this is the light for you. Knog isn’t joking when they say this little light is waterproof. An Active Times contributor, Mary Shyne told us she accidentally put the Knog Boomer through a wash cycle, and the light survived. With fantastic visibility and 4 settings of blinking, Knog once again packs a punch in a small package.

Topeak HighLite Combo, $18.43

If you need a good light, but aren’t willing to pay too much money, the Topeak Highlite Combo is for you. The housing is water resistant and easily attachable. They have long run times and offer good light for the cheaper price.