Never Thought You’d Train for a Triathlon? These Benefits Might Change Your Mind

This multi-faceted sport can be intimidating, but the benefits are well worth it

When you think about switching up your fitness routine (or starting a new routine entirely), you might consider joining a gym, finding a group class or breaking out your old sneakers and taking up a sport you once loved. All of those options, when done regularly, would certainly provide several health benefits. The most important part of any fitness training is that you actually enjoy doing it, but if you’re looking for a few extra benefits, you should try training for a triathlon.[slideshow:62595]

We know—just the word ‘triathlon’ strikes fear into the hearts of single-sport athletes everywhere—and plenty of other people, too. The multi-faceted race is typically associated with tons of equipment, complicated courses and 70.3 miles of physical activity (and that's only the half).

Among the sports involved, everyone has a dreaded activity, be it running, cycling or swimming and the sheer task of training for each of the parts can be daunting. The fusion of three activities in one race may turn people away from competing but, for us, the challenge is just another reason to love triathlons.

It’s not hard to see how these races or the training alone might be intimidating, but overcoming initial fear is just one of the things you can be proud of at the finish line. And if you decide not to race, triathlon training will still provide plenty of benefits.

If you never thought you’d be training for a triathlon, you should read on. These 10 reasons just might change your mind.

Triathlons Offer More than Just a Physical Challenge

It’s clear that training for a triathlon is a physical challenge, but what you might not realize is that it’s challenging in other ways too. Chances are you’ll have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to training—you might be a great runner but intimidated by the swim—and that’s part of what makes triathlon so rewarding. The opportunity to overcome your weakness and fear is one of the best things about the sport.

You’ll Learn More About How Your Body Works (And How Much It Can Handle)

Between getting a feel for body mechanics in all three mediums and actually pushing yourself to your limits, triathlon training can shed light on some things you should know about your body. You’ll be surprised at how much you can handle and you’ll have greater awareness of your body, which will help in all aspects of fitness.

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