Beat Bike Theft with New GPS Tech TrackR

Keep track of your bike or other objects with this discreet tracking device

Bike theft is becoming a much too common occurrence in big cities and bike dominant areas. Despite the new technologies in locks, it seems that people can always find a way to steal, if they really want to. But, a new tracking device has your back. The TrackR Bravo is a tiny chip, the size of a coin, that you can use on just about anything, including a bike.

The trick to this tracking device is that it uses a new technology called Crowd GPS. There are many devices out there that use Bluetooth to keep track of your items. The problem is that when an item (like a stolen bike) goes out of range, the Bluetooth does not work properly. With TrackR, it uses peer-to-peer communication to find the location of your TrackR. Basically, a nearby phone with the TrackR app sees the device and lets you know, giving an unlimited range for finding your device.

TrackR is discreet too. It sticks right underneath your bike seat, so thieves won’t even notice anything there. And the TrackR is great for other items too. It has a key loop to attach to your keys, or a pet’s collar. It is thin and small enough to fit in a wallet or on your laptop. TrackR claims to be the thinnest tracking device ever. Earning more than 1 million dollars of their goal on Indiegogo, this tiny device is exciting everyone.

And with any exciting prospect comes negative feedback. Just last week, TrackR tweeted out a photo of a women’s legs aside a cruiser bike with the comment, “Find your bike if it gets stolen with the world’s thinnest tracking device!” Many were not pleased with the photo, and comments streamed such as @antimonysarah who wrote, “@TheTrackR and amid all the gaming-sexism-discussions, today in sexist advertising the winner goes to the bike industry again…”

Though we may not agree with their choice of advertising, the idea of protecting our beloved bikes is a concept we can all get behind. And for only $29, it is a concept that is darn affordable too.

The creators even put TrackR to the test in Isla Vista, the bike theft capital of California. And it worked! In no time, the bike was found in someone’s bike hoarding yard. See for yourself below.

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