Bar Mitts, Convertible Jackets and 7 Other Fall Bike Accessories

Prepare for autumn cycling with these key pieces of cool weather gear

As all the plush summer greens fade into fiery reds and oranges that signify the start of autumn, it’s hard to turn down a fall bike ride. Getting fresh air on an autumn day ignites familiar sensations and scents so distinct, it’s like being reunited with an old friend.

On top of enjoying all of the beauty of bike riding in the autumn, the temperature makes it the perfect time to ride. You don’t have to worry about getting too sweaty while riding to work, the store or while taking a spin around the neighborhood. If you don’t normally ride your bike to work or to run some errands, this is the perfect season to start. Not only will you be one less person in a car that emits harmful pollutants, but you will have made a great choice for your health.

            Whether you decided to start riding your bike in the perfect autumn weather, or you are already a frequent cyclist, here are some awesome pieces of gear you should consider that will make your fall rides even better.


gloves are great to have as the weather gets cooler. These particular gloves—the Garneau Elite Touch Cycling Gloves will not only keep your hands warm, but they offer built-in padding that will absorb road shock and will decrease your chances of injury.; $45

Bar Mitts

If gloves just aren’t your style, Bar Mitts are worth checking out. They’re an attachment for your handlebars that keeps your hands warm and protects them from windy, rainy and snowy weather. They’re great for use well into the winter, too.; $75

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