Bandelier National Monument


Come explore Bandelier National Monument! The popular 1.2-mile Main Loop Trail will lead you through amazing archeological sites on the floor of the Frijoles Canyon. Here you will view small ladders, petroglyphs, and many Ancestral Pueblo dwellings dating back to 10,000 years. This short trail, a portion of which is fully accessible, starts from the visitor center. An informative 14-minute high definition film, exhibits, and a bookstore are also available at the visitor center.


Seasonality / Weather

Summers start out warm and dry with June usually being the hottest month of the year. Days in July, August and September often end with thunderstorms that can drop heavy localized rain.

In the fall, weather is usually sunny with turquoise blue skies and warm (but not hot) days and cool nights. A normal first snowfall in the area is around Halloween.

Winters average a yearly snowfall of 25 inches. Snow and ice can close trails and the ladders to Alcove House, so you may want to call the visitor center to get details about weather conditions and closures.

During the spring, temperatures in the 70's can be followed by a snow storm with wet heavy snow and daytime temperatures in the 40's. Even so, spring is a beautiful time to visit as it marks the start of the wildflower season and the return of many migratory species of birds.



Visitors traveling north to south on I-25, take St Francis 84/285 exit for Santa Fe, going straight through the city. Follow signs to Bandelier at each major junction. A beautiful alternative route for those going north on I-25: at Bernalillo, take exit 550 (formerly 44). At San Ysidro take exit to NM 4; continue over the mountains to park entrance (good paved road, but may not be advisable in winter weather).