The Brilliant Way to Lose Weight Just by Standing


Allen Foster -- The endless quest in fitness is to find something (anything, please!) that works. You try the latest fad, start seeing results, then fall off the wagon... or off the treadmill. Ouch! The secret to success is finding something you can easily do every day. Every. Single. Day. The answer? Stand still.

Imagine standing at the center of a seesaw and keeping the plank perfectly horizontal. You’d need a lot of skill, body awareness, and muscle control to perform that feat. And in essence, that’s what a balance board encourages you to do.

The shape might vary — there are square, circular, skateboard-like, and even wavy balance boards — but all feature a central point of balance that the user must find and hold to keep from tipping off.

Did you ever watch a baby struggling to get to its feet and take that first step? Awesomely cute, right? But also a powerful reminder that standing upright and still wasn't always as easy as it is now. You had to build those muscles, strengthen that core, develop that kinesthetic sense (body awareness), and learn to properly interpret proprioception — the information sent to your brain via your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Wow, standing still seems a lot more complicated now, doesn't it?

Using a balance board is extreme standing! As such, it engages all the muscles that comprise your core and makes them work extra hard to simply hold your balance. Over time, the result is a beautiful, naturally toned body that is awesomely strong.

At BestReviews, we test a wide array of products to give consumers the information they need. Among the many balance boards available, the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer earned our endorsement. It’s a lightweight, sturdy board with a comfortable Soft-Trak gripped top so you can ride with or without shoes. The smooth, groove-free design allows full freedom of movement, making it perfect for yoga and fitness as well as training for board sports, if you’re so inclined. The Revolution 101 has roller stops on the base to keep you from going too far, which makes it a great board for beginners. Advanced users will be able to level up on this versatile piece of equipment.

Life is all about balance. Take a stand for your health with the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer.

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