What Fitness Fiends Can Expect From Apple's iWatch

Health, wellness and training apps are likely to feature in company's first foray into wearable tech

What can health and fitness fanatics expect from the much hyped Apple product event in Cupertino on Sept. 9th? The long-awaited iWatch with biometric sensors and a host of health and wellness tracking apps is high on most industry observers' lists.

Web sites that specialize in tracking upcoming Apple product launches say that the company has partnered with the Mayo Clinic for health and wellness apps that will be offered with the watch under a Healthkit rubric, while Nike's Fuelband could provide Apple's core fitness tracking app. Fuelband is an iOS app and the two firms have been partnering since the launch of the Nike+iPod shoe sensor eight years ago.

A development version of the iWatch software has reportedly recently been made available to third-party developers. That is likely to be whence new fitness tracking apps will come. 

Earphones with health and fitness sensors, for which Apple has filed patents, are another possibility.

Intel and SMS Audio, of which musician 50 Cent is a co-founder, have already announced a new sports earbud that can monitor heart rate. LG has launched a similar product.

But don't get your hopes up that you will be able to strap on the new and no doubt stylish iWatch for your run or work-out anytime soon. Few expect Apples’s first foray into wearable tech to be available for purchase until next year.

Market research firm Forrester Research has predicted Apple will sell 10 million iWatches in its first year, which would be more than the combined sales to date of wrist-wearable devices such as Nike’s Fuelband, Samsung’s Gear smart watch and those from Jawbone and Fitbit. 

Whatever is actually announced — and the launch apps are more likely to be basic exercise, diet, stress and medication monitoing than some of the more exotic apps that have been touted such as hydration and glucose monitoring —  it is sure to change the style of how you approach your personal fitness and wellness.

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