Star Power: Workouts to Fit Your Astrological Sign

Your sign can help you design an ideal fitness plan

Ruby Warrington—I confess, I’m a total astrology geek, and at the end of July I headed to Tulum on a ‘Become Your Own Astrologer’ retreat with my favorite star sisters Tali and Ophira Edut, a.k.a. the Astro Twins.

In between Mayan mud bathing rituals and Qoya dance classes, we spent two hours every day learning how to read and decipher our birth charts, as well as those of the people we love (or maybe don’t get along with so well)—my idea of heaven.

Of course, with fitness on the brain as usual, my newfound astro knowledge also got me thinking about what workouts will be most motivating for each sign. Over to you, twins…

Aries: As the zodiac’s warrior, you will be motivated by anything that’s strenuous and challenges you to push yourself beyond your edge. You love to continually be in awe of your own expansion and capabilities, so skip the slow and steady Hatha yoga class, and try a high-energy cardio session with some martial arts or boxing moves thrown in. Add in a pumping soundtrack, visualize yourself beating up the bad guys in your life (including the ones in your head: a.k.a. negative thoughts) and it'll be a case of Rocky, who? But as Aries rules the head, if you find yourself sparring with a partner for real don't forget your helmet.

Taurus: Boot-camp style classes were made for no-nonsense Taurus. Although you have your lazy lounging days, when you're ready to work, you go at it hard! Plus you love to see results from your steady efforts (wax on, wax off, Bull!).  And, as the ruler of the throat, letting rip a healthy yell will help you power on through to the end of each set. Results-driven Taurus will also be drawn in by the claims of classes like Barry's Bootcamp (1,000 calories an hour!), and the structure of the Insanity workout. 60-days to a brand new you? Show me the dotted line.

Gemini: Gregarious Gemini, you're a die-hard people person. Socializing is your favorite motivator, so let that extend to your fitness regime and you'll get in the best shape ever. You could ping a friend to be your gym or yoga buddy (provided she gives more than your ear a workout). Tennis and other two-person sports do you well too; you might even try a relay race. You do especially when with a trainer too, someone dedicated to your accountability who can also listen to you talk through (the way you process) your blocks to progress.

Cancer: As a water sign, any pool-based workout will appeal to you. You're often the center of your social circle, so gather a few of your girls together for an aqua aerobics class. Sporty Cancers might even join a water polo or H2O volleyball class. If you want your workout to incorporate some alone time, the twisting motion of swimming strokes could be useful for your sensitive digestion, while jogging in place and even doing crunches while feeling perfectly weightless will strengthen your lungs. Then, make a splash on dry land with your lean, mean swimmer’s body.

Leo: Let the good times roll...over into your workout with any kind of dance-based class, perfect for Leo for whom life is a nonstop excuse to celebrate! If exercise feels like a fiesta, you won't even notice that you're exerting yourself: the perfect way to burn, baby, burn. A Zumba workout, the self-proclaimed “fitness party” moves to your lionhearted beat, while any class that replicates the moves from your favorite music videos (by fellow Leo Madonna, or Jennifer Lopez perhaps?) will also get you energized. Since your sign rules the back, be sure to stretch before and after!

Virgo: The core region is Virgo’s domain, so a workout that targets this area of your body will also strengthen your inner resolve. While Pilates can do wonders, Virgos also love yoga, especially modalities with specific health benefits and repeating postures for you to perfect. You'll notice the nuances and love being able to master each asana as you develop a practice. It’s also a bonus if you can do those poses outdoors, as being an earth sign, fresh air is always a great component to add in. Otherwise, choose a studio with gorgeous views, natural light and wood flooring.

Libra: As the sign that rules beauty, Libra’s workout buttons will be pressed by anything that makes you feel gorgeous and graceful. Why not use your body to create lovely forms and postures while burning calories? Try Barre or any kind of dance class. If you're so-inclined (and not afraid of heights), and with your need for balance, you could become a master of the trapeze, swinging through the air and tantalizing with your lovely form. And never forget that Libra also rules the posterior region, (hello, Kim Kardashian) so a shapely bum is your birth right. That should be motivation enough to get moving!

Scorpio: As the zodiac’s sex symbol, working out always gets your mojo revving—what with all the seductive endorphins and serotonin flooding your body. And while a pole-dancing workout will obviously appeal to the siren in you, your inner spirit junkie (cue fellow Scorpio, May Cause Miracles author Gabrielle Bernstein) might like to weave in the sacred element of Kundalini yoga. Hello, second chakra breath work! Scorpio also rules the sex organs, so you were born to be mistress of the 'mula bunda', or root lock. Squeeze it up!

Sagittarius: Some like it hot, especially fire sign Sagittarius who can survive (and thrive) in a sweltering heated yoga session. You're the zodiac's philosopher, but this is one workout that can help you turn your brain OFF for a minute—a blessed relief—and, as ruler of the liver, you’ll also respond well to the detoxifying properties that sweating can bring. Since you love to discover new terrain, urban hikes—or ones in nature—are also right up your alley. But set your watch, you might get so carried away you forget to come home for dinner!

Capricorn: The zodiac’s mountain goat loves any sort of ambitious ascent, as well as a workout that gives you a feeling of true progress and accomplishment. So whether indoors or out, give rock climbing a try. Not only will you love the challenge, should you struggle and fall, you’ll pick yourself back up and try again…something your sign is all about. Never satisfied, with just "good enough," you might also try a competitive sport, one you can slowly but surely master with regular training and practice. But always watch your knees, a Capricorn weak spot.

Aquarius: Running for a cause is right up humanitarian Aquarius's street, so track down a running club dedicated to notching up miles for charity and raising funds. Humanitarian spirit? Check. Love of people? Check, check, check. And if putting in all those hours of training gets repetitive, feed your imaginative side and need for social stimulus with a team sport. Join a soccer or softball league, become part of a dance troupe. As long as you can bring your individual flair to the team, you'll be in your element!

Pisces: As the ballerina of the zodiac, you’ll feel right at home in Mary Ellen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful class (but watch your sensitive feet if you go up en pointe), while your inner fish will also love the water-based version - so get online to find your local synchronized swimming troupe. Dreamy Pisces need lots of meditative moments to stay balanced, and lap swimming helps you zone out in your private world. Pop on the goggles to get back in the flow and soothe your often turbulent moods. The world will look much brighter after you've emerged from the pool.

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