Assateague Island National Seashore


Storm tossed seas, as well as gentle breezes shape Assateague Island's National Shoreline. This barrier island is a tale of constant movement and change. The bands of wild horses freely roam amongst plants and native animals that have adapted to a life of sand, salt and wind on the island. Special thickened leaves and odd shapes reveal the plant world's successful struggle here. Ghost crabs bury themselves in the cool beach sand and tree swallows plucking bayberries on their southward migration offer glimpses of the animal world's connection to Assateague. Human struggles are intertwined with this island at the ocean's edge. Gallant surf rescues by the US Life-Saving Service and dashed dreams of a summer beach resort are but a few of the stories told at the National Seashore. Marine and terrestrial life functioning in concert offer a closer look at a natural and cultural world shaped by beyond what is known.




There are two entrances to Assateague Island National Seashore. Assateague's north entrance is at the end of Route 611, eight miles south of Ocean City, MD. The south entrance is at the end of Route 175, two miles from Chincoteague, VA. There is no vehicle access between the two entrances on Assateague Island. Vehicles must return to the mainland to access either the north or south entrance.


The closest airports are Ocean City Municipal Airport and Salisbury-Wicomico County Regional Airport.