The Art of Running: 5 Fun GPS Drawings Created While Running

Turns out running (and biking) can be a way to express your artistic creativity

Vimeo/Tokyo Zoo Project

Earlier this month the media was buzzing about the story of Claire Wyckoff, a blogger who uses the GPS feature in the Nike+ app to draw pictures while she runs. Wyckoff received considerable attention because…. Well, let’s just say her drawings are NSFW.

But Wyckoff wasn’t the first to introduce the idea of drawing pictures using maps and GPS. Long before she started using the Nike+ GPS feature to publish racy pieces of running artwork on Tumblr, other innovators were implementing activity-tracking and GPS technology in the same way. In fact, the Tokyo Zoo Project used a similar idea (they tracked their routes by bike) to make a pretty incredible campaign. 

Check out a few of our favorite GPS drawings below.  

Panda Bear

Vimeo/ Tokyo Zoo Project


Vimeo/ Tokyo Zoo Project

The Apple Logo

Jospeh Tame/ The Art of Running

A Creepy Snowman

Jospeh Tame/ The Art of Running

"Thumbs Up for Beer" (One of Wyckoff's less lewd depictions.)

Claire Wyckoff

Have you used a GPS app to draw a picture while running or biking? Let us know and share yours in the comments section below!


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