Are Runners At Serious Risk for Heart Disease?

Micah True's scary autopsy results

When legendary ultra-runner Micah True's autopsy results came in last Tuesday, May 8, the ultimate diagnosis—heart disease—came as a shock to many. After all, how could a man who routinely ran 170 miles a week for more than 2 decades and who treated a 12-mile trail run the way that most treat a walk to the car have died of a condition most associated with pizza-gobbling couch potatoes? Especially after coroners were unable to pinpoint the cause of True’s cardiomyopathy, many in the running community were left wondering: Should I be worried about my own heart?

In response, a reporter over at Runner’s World broke down the autopsy report, addressing precisely that question. While, ultimately, there is still much that's unanswered about True’s demise, one big takeaway seems clear: even if you’re active—even if you’re really active and live a healthy lifestyle—routine checkups can be a lifesaver.