Are My Hands Going to Fall Off? and 11 More Thoughts Every Runner Has While Running in the Cold

Twelve runners share the deep, funny, and questionable thoughts that occur while running in the cold

The runner who's willing to brave the harshest of winter elements is a special kind of athlete.

While most of us would rather opt for the treadmill (or even better, curling up on the couch with a good book or movie), when freezing temperatures, gusty winds, and sometimes even snow become a part of the equation, the toughest of runners continue to take their workouts outside.

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Of course, when the weather gets cold a runner's mind tends to churn out a slew of inevitable thoughts. Some are deep, others are questionable, a few are hilarious, but all of them reveal the inspiring stubbornness resiliency of the winter runner.

-12 Thoughts Every Runner Has  While Running in the Cold-

1. "Are my hands going to fall off?" - @mollyrunsforlife

2. "This better be making me mentally stronger." - @mollyrunsforlife

3. "I'm amazed at the quantity of snot I can produce." - @briananmhatcher

4. "How long until my water freezes?" - @marathonmom10

5. "Mostly obscenities." - @goodseednutrtion

6. "The harder I run, the warmer it gets." - @shcarter2004

7. "Why don't I live in Florida?" - @runner_em262

8. "I must be mad." - @lisa_gaul_

9. "I wish I had brought a tissue." - @juliehurd

12. "It's not that bad… right?" - @melitzki

11. "It's so beautiful." - @annerunz

12. "Please don't slip. Please don't slip. Please don't slip." - @smilefchik

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