Just Like Groceries, You Can Get Your Weed Delivered

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Just Like Groceries, You Can Get Your Weed Delivered

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Just Like Groceries, You Can Get Your Weed Delivered

iStock.com/katleho Seisa

It seems you can easily get most anything delivered to your house without having to leave your couch. Dozens of smartphone applications and websites offer food delivery from most any restaurant to your house, and many supermarkets and services will pick out, pack up and deliver your produce, peanut butter and anything else from your grocery list. There are even apps dedicated to delivering flowers or alcohol. Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that this concept has been applied to marijuana.

What You Should Know Before Shopping For Marijuana

Eaze, Buddly and Nubb are just a few of the weed delivery services and startups that have emerged in states where medical and adult recreational use of cannabis is legal. Some local dispensaries even offer on-demand delivery services. The legality of weed delivery differs from state to state, however, as do the specifics of who can order cannabis for delivery and what kind of cannabis and CBD products you can get delivered.

California is the first and only state to completely legalize cannabis deliveries. It doesn’t restrict delivery hours or zones, allowing dispensaries and services to deliver across city and county lines, even to areas where recreational marijuana-related businesses are banned. 

Home delivery of recreational cannabis is also legal in Oregon with some caveats. Shoppers must be 21 or older and be residents of the same city or area as the shop they’re purchasing from. Delivery hours are only between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. and drivers cannot make deliveries to hotels, dormitories or commercial businesses. 

In Nevada, only an ounce of weed can be delivered by a retailer or dispensary to a single customer and no more than 5 ounces can be delivered at any one time. Customers can be anyone 21 and older with a valid ID, including out-of-state tourists. Deliveries must be to homes and not businesses like casinos or hotels and deliveries must occur within a 25-mile radius of the store where the order was placed. 

Thanks to a new law passed in 2019, medical cannabis delivery will be legal throughout the state of Colorado starting in January 2020 and recreational deliveries are set to begin in 2021. 

Massachusetts residents are able to get recreational weed delivered by using the “gift” loophole. Companies like Duuber.com sell shirts that are delivered with a “free gift” of marijuana, while HighSpeed sells expensive juices with a “free” side of cannabis.

Though there are some weed delivery apps that you can download to your phone, ones that “facilitate” the sale of marijuana or offer an “in-app shopping cart feature” to purchase cannabis are banned from the Google Play Store for Android.

If you’re taking advantage of delivery services in one of these states, here’s what to expect. You will have to provide a copy of your valid ID when ordering your products online. Upon delivery, your driver will ask for a valid ID to confirm your identity as well as that you are 21 years of age, and then ask for your signature to confirm the date and time the delivery was made. National credit card companies don’t allow marijuana purchases. Some businesses accept debit cards or use a direct withdrawal service to pull the funds straight from your bank account. Many others require that you pay in cash on delivery.


Navigating current American marijuana laws can be complicated, so if you’re unsure where your state stands when it comes to medical and recreational marijuana use, read up on current cannabis laws in every state.