Apple Developing Fitness Band to Rule Them All

Look out, Fitbit and Jawbone: “iWatch” in development for 2014

If I were an executive at Fitbit or Jawbone, I’d be nervous right now: Apple is reportedly developing an “iWatch” that would have all the capabilities of current fitness trackers, and likely more.

Tech blog 9TO5Mac reports that Apple has assembled a team to design a “fitness-oriented, sensor-laden wearable computer” that would likely compete with market leaders like the Nike FuelBand and the Jawbone UP.

At an All Things D tech conference earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that there’s plenty of room for the tech giant to improve on current offerings in the wristband market.

“I wear [a FuelBand],” Cook said. “I think Nike did a great job with this.”

But Apple’s head went on to add that while the FuelBand is good for one thing—fitness tracking—competing products that try to integrate additional features leave a lot to be desired.

Expert Apple watchers are predicting a 2014 release date for the as yet unnamed device.

Given Apple’s brand cachet and knack for building products with broad mainstream appeal, an iWatch could have the potential to be a game changer in the growing, but niche fitness band market.

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