Apparently Organic Valley Thinks Women Don’t Drink Protein Shakes

This ad campaign is cute, but it also makes some obnoxious assumptions

After its release earlier this week, Organic Valley’s new “Save the Bros” campaign has received mostly rave reviews.

There’s no denying that it’s a creative and funny concept. In fact, today it was even dubbed the number one commercial of the week by Adweek.

But while we’re over here laughing a little bit (because, well, they pretty much nailed the whole concept of being a “bro”), we’re also wondering why this health food company seems to think that only dudes drink protein shakes.

Especially at a time when other brands and campaigns are fully embracing the empowerment of women and girl’s involvement in sports, including weight lifting, it seems like a silly move to alienate an entire portion of the market.

Even if guys are investing in protein products more than women, still, is it really necessary to perpetuate age-old stereotypes about weight lifting and gym culture?

Because guess what? Girls lift weights and drink protein shakes too, bro.

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