Soon Your Heart Will (Actually) Pick Your Playlist

A new app synchs tunes with your heart rate to keep you motivated
Staff Writer

A new smartphone app called MusicalHeart will be able to pick your soundtrack based on heart rate, activity level and geographic context, according to an article from the University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily. 

Although the app is still in development, the article by the team of researchers responsible for MusicalHeart reported that the current version can match music to heart rate and activity with nearly 100 percent accuracy. The study was published in the 10th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensing Systems.

To choose a soundtrack, the app uses sensor-integrated headphones that measure acceleration and heart rate to gauge activity level. It then sends the information to a remote server that recommends music that will help listeners maintain a target heart rate.

To create the app, researchers tested 37 participants who did low-, medium- and high-energy activities while covered with sensors. They observed the correlation between music and heart rate and devised three necessary algorithms: one for detecting signals from the ear that translate to heart rate, one for detecting activity levels and one for the music recommendation system via biofeedback.

The app is not yet available to the public.   

Via Runner’s World.