America's Best Gyms 2015

We've tallied up the votes! Find out if your favorite gym made this year's list

What makes an exercise space exceptional? How can you tell if a gym is "good"? 

The answers to these questions are different for everyone.

We often forget that as individuals, we each have different needs when it comes to exercise and fitness, and that's because we all have different goals and priorities.

Some exercisers can appreciate a small, simple gym space so long as its location makes getting there convenient. 

On the other hand, some may need a space that's more sophisticated, or a gym that can provide top-tier coaching services.

It all depends on your goals, your priorities, and since most gyms aren't free, your budget too.

That's why we asked you to vote for your favorite gyms. No one knows a fitness center better than the members who use it every day.  

As a whole, you represent all of the different goals, needs, and priorities of the many different types of exercisers in America.

Our survey also asked you, the reader, about what factors are most important to you in a gym.

This year you listed cleanliness, community, and membership cost, in that order, as the most important aspects.This helped us to create our ranking of the 31 best gyms in America for 2015. 

Starting with our original list of about 51 gyms (compiled from our round-up of the best gyms of 2013, publicly available stats, and other expert lists), we asked you to vote for your favorites—also allowing write-in votes to account for any gyms that weren't mentioned on the preliminary list.

In compiling our ranking, we considered your votes with the most weight and from there gave points to the gyms that best exemplified the factors you said were most important.

The results represent a healthy mix of all different types of gyms across the U.S.

From well-known fitness franchises and small town training centers to some of the most upscale and exclusive clubs in the country, these are 2015's best American gyms.
—Katie Rosenbrock

#31 D1 Sports Training—Various Locations

Co-owned by Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning, D1 operates 21 athletic-based training facilities across the country. Many serious athletes train with D1, but the gym offers programs for exercisers of all ages and abilities. Training options range from sport-specific development for youth athletes all the way to low impact workouts for adults and even family-friendly packages.
—Katie Rosenbrock

#30 Nike World Headquarters Campus— Beaverton, Ore.

Two soccer fields, a tennis court, a putting green and a running trail set on one of the most beautiful fitness spaces in the country; we would expect nothing less from the super sports giant Nike. The campus is decorated with their sponsored pros memorabilia and statutes in their likenesses, some pros have even visited. The man-made Lake Nike brings it all together in the middle of campus and though this gym isn't open to everyone, it tops the list on wow factor alone.
—Diana Gerstacker

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