America's 10 Fittest Cities from America's 10 Fittest Cities

America's 10 Fittest Cities

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America's 10 Fittest Cities

In highlighting the 10 fittest and “least fit” cities from this ACSM’s 2015 American Fitness Index, we chose to highlight each city’s top point-earning categories as well as the categories that reflected the most need for improvement.

And while taking a look at the different factors that helped to define each city’s rank, we noticed a few patterns, particularly in the lower-scoring cities. It seems the lowest ranking cities need to most work on improving the consistency and frequency of both their aerobic and strength training activities and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their daily diets: two habits we know have the power to make significant health and fitness improvements.

Ultimately, as ACSM notes, the cities that ranked highest “have more strengths that support healthy living and fewer challenges that hinder it.” The opposite is true for the cities that ranked lowest, but all are commended for their areas of excellence and are encouraged to place future focuses on developing the areas where improvements are needed most.

Curious to see where your city landed on the list? For 2015, these are America’s 10 fittest cities. 

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