All-in-One Airplane/ Boat/ Camper Goes for Less Than $200k

With the state of technology, it seems a bit odd the envelope hasn’t been pushed farther when it comes to personal transportation. Sure, GPS systems built into cars are helpful and satellite radio is a neat feature, but where’s the do-it-all, go anywhere, personal transportation solution?

The MVP (or Most Versatile Plane) from MVP Aero is just about the closest we’ve gotten and it’s a pretty incredible concept. The amphibious plane can touch down on either land or water and with a few quick changes, it switches from a plane into a boat or a base camp, complete with an enclosed tent.

The designers say the MVP is unlike any other personal plane because it’s made to be used throughout your whole trip, not just as a means of getting from one place to another. The foldable wings and versatility of the engine are helpful when docking the boat and the hammock that can be strung up on the tail is a neat added feature.

In the simplest of terms, the MVP is not an amphibious airplane that has all of these new features added to it. Instead, it is a highly integrated collection of features, pieces and parts that happen to become an airplane.

The two-seater plane—or the passport to the world, as they call it—will sell for $189,000 factory built, and the quick-build kit will sell for $169,000.

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