All-Day Singletrack Solstice

Staff Writer
Celebrate the longest day of the year with a dawn-to-dusk ride
Ross Downard

Riders Scott House and Julian Gasiewski take on "TG's," just a taste of Park City's endless singletrack stash.

Summer Solstice is coming up, and that means White Pine Touring is putting on its annual De La Park City Ride. Although the Solstice falls on Wednesday, June 20, White Pine Touring is celebrating a day later, on Thursday June 21. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of daylight—the ride starts with a meet-up at White Pine HQ at 4:45am, and goes until sunset at 9:45. The group ride will include dozens of riders (all ability levels are welcome) and will be stopping for breakfast, lunch and dinner along the way—as well they should if they hope to make it the full 100-plus miles without bonking.

If you’re going to ride every hour of daylight on the longest day of the year, Park City is certainly the place to do it. With hundreds of miles of singletrack —including a certified IMBA Epic—you’ll have no trouble finding enough terrain. Just ask another Park City local, pro mountain biker Eric Porter, who put together his own all-day ride for last year’s Summer Solstice. Check out his video below.

If you can’t make it to Park City, try playing hooky from work and link up your own Solstice adventure. And if you ever do make it to Utah to ride, be sure to drop by White Pine Touring—a full-service bike shop, outdoor outfitter and tour operation—right in the heart of Park city. The staff can point you in the right direction, and the shop leads regular guided tours of the local trails.