Alex Honnold is INSANE

Climber free-solos 2,500 foot cliff in new video

We're no strangers to the climbing feats of Alex Honnold. The 28-year-old climber has made a career of tackling the world's scariest climbs, sans rope, earning him a now-infamous segment on 60 Minutes in which he climbed Yosemite's Sentinel for the cameras. In 2012 he performed a super-human 7,000-foot speed ascent of Yosemite's triple crown (El Cap, Half Dome, Mt. Watkins) and last year even climbed a skyscraper.

Now he's at it again. The North Face sponsored a shoot of Honnold free-soloing the 2,500-foot vertical face of El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico. All we can say is wow. Check it out below. You may want to keep a spare pair of pants handy.