10 of the Most Terrifying Places on Earth



Planet Earth is home. But it’s not always home, sweet home. In fact, some areas are downright deadly. Others, while not deadly, will give you goose bumps and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up at just the thought of them.[slideshow:102158]

These aren’t the places you see on postcards or in calendars. They’re not the place to propose to your partner, be alone at night, or frankly, be alone at any time of the day.

They’re the kinds of places you see on ghost hunting TV shows, Discovery Channel documentaries, the cover of National Geographic magazines and, of course, in the newspapers if they claim another human life.

From harsh, natural elements that can inflict all kinds of harm to manmade places featuring human bones, or worse, doll parts, these are some the most terrifying places on earth.

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