10 Animals That Mate For Life

It’s possible that every day can be Valentine's Day for some species


People have proven time and again that monogamy is, if not natural, then at least unrealistic for homo sapiens. This doesn’t apply to all species. Some stay together for live, even if they don’t have designated special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or even weddings.[slideshow:95601]

Lifelong bonds are not the norm in all animal kingdoms. Even the most faithful occasionally stray, but such instances are rare.

Still, humans can learn a lot from certain species when it comes to fidelity. Those who stay together rarely get anything stand between them. Some keep each other company every day and never separate; others continue to impress the other every day. 

So next time you hear the anti-monogamy argument that it’s not natural for animals to pair forever, crush it with factual information. You can find loyal partners anywhere and in any form – birds, reptiles, wild animals, primates, and rodents. The modern world to them is not as flawed as humans make it seem sometimes.

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