The Most Haunted City in Your State

These cities are actually pretty spooky
haunted city

It may be a fairly young country in relation to the rest of the world, but America is super-haunted. Not only was it built on ancient burial grounds, but its sordid past of violence, slavery, and medical experimentation also has led to some emotional spirits with unfinished business, trapped on Earth for the rest of their days to haunt and terrify entire towns and cities from coast to coast.[slideshow:104720]

The Active Times has found the most haunted city in each state and the site of the most paranormal activity in each one. From ghosts to poltergeists to potential demons, these hotels, theaters, cemeteries, and homes in major (and small!) U.S. cities are super-spooky.

Whether these ghosts died hundreds of years ago or in 2001, they’re making sure their presence can still be felt by throwing things from walls, slamming doors, or making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Even more terrifying? You can still visit many of these sites of the paranormal in your city, today. Try not to get too spooked. 

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