Most Dangerous Places to Take Selfies

The trend of taking extreme selfies has become really dangerous
Most Dangerous Places to Take Selfies


Death by selfie is not a phenomenon anymore. Since 2014, 49 people have died in pursuit of the perfect self-portrait; the average age of the victims is 21 years old, according to Priceonomics. The analysis is based on reported incidents but, undoubtedly, there are cases that went unnoticed by the media.

The Russian government launched a campaign to make young people think twice before snapping selfies in risky situations. The initiative came after a series of accidents in which adolescents were seriously injured or killed.

India is also stepping up efforts to prevent photo-related fatalities. Mumbai now has 16 “no selfie” zones, and police patrol the areas. While the Waterton Canyon park in Denver had to close the park because of an overabundance of selfies with bears.

The trend of taking extreme selfies has exploded. People are climbing buildings, cranes and even construction sites just to get incredible photos.

The Most Dangerous Places to Take Selfies

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