The World’s Riskiest Sports

Do you like your sports with a bit more in the way of adrenaline?


Do you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Does this matter when you make vacation plans? Thrill-seekers will be more than satisfied if they mountain bike down the “Death Road” in Bolivia which starts at 11,000 feet. Volcano boarding will also have your heart racing.[slideshow:101918]

But you don’t have to travel far to experience the same feeling of euphoria. You can try certain sports in your own backyard. But they don’t come free of risks. 

People have always craved exhilarating adventures. Scuba and cave diving, heli skiing and highlining, to name a few, attract more and more voyagers. It’s no surprise that falling from extremely high altitudes is catching up. Tall mountains and man-made structures make for the perfect locations.

The following list is based on research by It looked into some of the craziest, most death-defying sports in the world, from base-jumping off buildings to facing down the horns of a bull. Each has the number of deaths, locations it’s done, and important facts – as well as a risk factor.

Whether you have a need for speed, a delight in heights (and fights), or just a love of something described as full contact, these sports will definitely excite you. 

Click here to see 15 of the world’s riskiest sports

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