The World’s Most Extreme Races



Think of them as the ultimate X Games. Some of the competitions are just fun on an extreme level, others require specific skills. There is also a whole different category of downright scary events that will get your heart racing just by looking at what the human body is possible of doing.[slideshow:88520]

Most people can’t even last an hour of hiking through the hottest place on the planet, but some daredevils run from it, which also happens to be the lowest and the driest place in North America, and continue on a 135-mile route that ends at nearly 8,300 feet above sea level, the highest in the Lower 48.

Imagine swimming in icy waters in Siberia or carrying your wife through a quarter-kilometer obstacle course so you can win the wife’s weight in beer.

Sports fans who like action will like the Calcio Storico Fiorentino, where the rules are that “there are no rules.” Taking place on a sand pit, the game is an update of the Roman sport of harpastum and a precursor to modern rugby and soccer. Players can punch, elbow, head-butt, or even choke each other.

All over the world, you’ll find athletic people testing their own physical and mental limits as they compete to be named the fastest, strongest and bravest after winning what can be called the “oddest” races.

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