World’s 10 Most Dangerous Winter Hikes

You may change your mind about hiking in the winter

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One slip can change your life or end it. Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush of constantly being in danger that makes winter hiking a popular adventure this time of year. It is certainly not a walk in the park - heavy snowfall, rain, sudden changes in temperature and strong winds are common trip companions.

This scenery will scare many people away, but the stunning views along the way and the proud feeling of accomplishment after completing the challenge prevail. It’s hard to stay away.[slideshow:82303]

Many dangerous winter hikes have claimed lives but that doesn’t stop adventure-seekers from trying to conquer them time and again. Treacherous conditions can be overcome with proper tools and preparation. If you have the energy, fitness level and skills – and you are a person of valor – the risky trips will be worth your trouble.

The development of outdoor gear has turned trekking in the snow into an activity for anyone who is a fan of staying active even in the cold winter months. The options for boots, snowshoes, clothes and accessories are endless. Your life may depend on the condition of your equipment. Check your snowshoe bindings for cracks; don’t forget your snow poles, have a survival kit in case of an emergency; be thoroughly aware of the terrain; tell someone where you’re going. You have to make sure you often take breaks and drink water even if you don’t feel like it. The cold may trick your body and you may not feel the sweat, but you are still burning energy and need to replace it.

Prepare for the unexpected and explore nature in its full beauty. What better way to get close to it than on foot on a trail?

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