These Are Awesome Getaways Near Top College Campuses

You can’t be studying for weeks without a proper break, can you?
These Are Awesome Getaways Near Top College Campuses

It’s easy to get restless after studying hard for weeks on end. It’s nice to venture to an incredible weekend destination such as a charming village at the base of a mountain or a bustling city with a lot of options for thrilling quests and a bustling nightlife scene if you don’t have to travel far.[slideshow:104543]

People’s wanderlust has taken them to hidden gems that are slowly growing to accommodate more travelers. As a result, they enjoy a lot more than outdoor adventures surrounded by beautiful scenery. Chic restaurants, vintage shops, art festivals and wine tastings are now open.

Ever had one of those days when you couldn’t decide whether to head for the horizon or hit the trails with your mountain bike? You ca do that anywhere from big, mountainous western destinations to a few that might be new to you.

What that likely have in common is a top college campus nearby or just a couple of hours away. Just go on a getaway for the weekend and take a break from your normal routine, then go back to school feeling refreshed and more productive.

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