Spring Break Cities That Are Worth the Price

You can always start saving for next year if you can’t go now
Spring Break Cities That Are Worth the Price


What comes to mind when you think of spring break? Maybe your first thought is sun and sand, or perhaps you think of major parties—either way, you probably don’t like to think of your spring break budget.[slideshow:103751]

Sure, there are spring break spots out there that offer some great deals on drinks and lodging. Some might even be within driving distance, which can save you big money on airfare, but then there are those incredible dream locations that are way out of your budget, but are totally worth it.

From beachside cities like South Beach Miami and San Diego to secluded escapes like Harbor Island in the Bahamas and Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, all of these destinations have three things in common—they are fun, expensive and luxurious.

If your ideal vacation involves a beach and maybe even a bright-colored fruity cocktail or two, as well as action, excitement, and exploration, then heading to one of the places on the following list is a safe choice.

These spring break spots may fit into your budget this season; if not, you can always start saving for next year.

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