Spectacular Reasons to Get Out Into Vegas’ Backyard

The Sin City is not a lonely spot in the middle of a boring desert


Most people think of gambling, partying, and general debauchery when it comes to Las Vegas, but that warped reputation overlooks a lot of what the city, and especially its surroundings, has to offer.

The Sin City lives up to its name, but travelers can also take a trip back in time by heading downtown to “old Vegas.”  But just minutes off the Strip outdoor enthusiasts can find tons of adventure.[slideshow:101772]

Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, rafting, sky diving, zip lining—Las Vegas and the surrounding area just about has it all.

Tourists willing to take slightly longer trips would be delighted to know that just within four or five hours of Vegas, you’ll find six national parks, 13 state parks and practically endless acres of public land.

With so many incredible venues open to the people and outfitters located around Las Vegas, casinos are having a hard time competing with the epic exploits that await adventurers in the great and wild outdoors.

Get out there and enjoy the classic desert scenery—you’ll feel like you’re in a Hollywood western movie; go deep underground to see the huge electricity generators—a popular day trip for tourists; and marvel at sandstone bluffs, seasonal waterfall havens, and hiking trails with wildlife watching areas.

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