Off-Season Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List

Dare to do what will really get your heart racing


Since you are already traveling and spending money, why not explore new destinations where you have never been before and experience adventures that you can’t find just anywhere.[slideshow:102405]

People are willing to spend up to $12,888 on their bucket list on average, new research has revealed. But the cost of completing the “top 10 bucket list activities” is coming in at a whopping $23,866, at an average cost per activity of $2,387. That would only be enough to complete five trips.

The more popular a place is, the more crowded and commercialized it becomes; and its peak tourist season is when the weather is the nicest.

There is a “best time” for many crazy adventures, but some can be experienced year-round. On the plus side, waiting for off-season almost guarantees you no big hordes of tourists. If slightly cooler or hotter temperatures are not a problem for you, then you’ll get to cross an adventure off your list for a lower price, too.

So plan a vacation to an under-the-radar destination and embark on a journey of a lifetime.  

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