The Quietest Places on Earth

This is where you want to go if truly need peace and quiet


A lot of noise has being made about the quietest places. Several locations have had the honor of being called “the quietest place” on Earth. While it may be hard, of practically impossible, to measure the absolute and most noiseless one, is there really a need to?[slideshow:102704]

With the constant noise around people coming from computers, crowds, traffic, TV and other electronics around them house, there is always a certain hum that can drive anyone crazy if he or she is exposed to it all the time.

With more than 7 billion people in the world most people will be satisfied and thankful to escape to a place where they won’t be able to hear the annoying noise cars and buses make. It’s hard to imagine that there is a destination where you can’t hear anything but your own breathing. 

However, man-made or natural, they do exist. They are so quite that you can even hear your ears ring. Some are extremely remote and getting to them is quite an adventure while others are just a hike away.

Click here for 10 of the quietest places on Earth

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