Most Patriotic Adventures Around the U.S. in Honor of Independence Day

Celebrate America's birthday with an adventure


The Fourth of July is the most patriotic holiday in the U.S. Celebrating the country's declaration of independence from Great Britain has traditionally become a day to spend with friends and family; having picnics and barbecues, and watching parades and fireworks.[slideshow:86294]

You can honor America’s birthday in other patriotic ways such as hanging the flag from the roof of your house or dressing up in red, white and blue.

If you’re looking for a more unusual way to mark the happy occasion, why not consider a drive along Route 66, the iconic American road, or participate in a Civil War reenactment in Gettysburg which happens to coincide with the actual days of the battle in 1863.

Take a trip to Philadelphia, where it all began, to see the original inkstand used to sign the Declaration of Independence and an original draft of the Constitution, or hike up to Mount Rushmore for a quieter holiday experience.

Camp out and barbecue in one of the 59 national parks, which celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. Combine adventure and patriotism in one trip.

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