How to Do Disney World Without Losing Your Mind

Don’t let its reputation scare you and pull of a perfectly pleasant trip

The short answer is “anywhere else.” However, this is not an option when you want to make your children smile and have fun. A Disney vacation is a dream come true for them, and being at the “happiest places on Earth” is an unforgettable experience, and often considered a rite of passage.[slideshow:98829]

Still, a vacation is a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Going to this gigantic amusement park can be anything but if you did not time take some time to plan. Expect long days on your feet, hyper kids who may easily get bored or cranky, and big crowds. Don’t fret if this doesn’t sound like “the best time of your life” because you can maneuver your way around it.

The “magical” theme parks and resorts also come with lots of sun, humungous lines, and overpriced food. Knowing a few tricks will keep you calm and, very importantly, help you save money on almost everything from meals to lodgings and access to the parks.

You can do Disney World with the kids and without losing your sanity. But you have to know when to go, get your priorities in terms of attractions straight, possibly make meal reservations, download a few apps, and bring a stroller, to name a few.

No matter how much you’re planning, some things will not go according to plan. Just remember that the kids will have a blast regardless of whether you squeeze every attraction in your itinerary, and you will, too. 

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